Warning: possibility of loss via discontinued attention.

As a brilliant Princeton Professor frames one of his courses involving dynamic highly complex network systems – (which I love, thanks Prof. Chaing!) he structures informational transference (teaching/learning) in the form of questions. That may not seem all that uncommon, but his questions are special because their ingredients promote thought and lead you toward significant learning.

Here’s my question or POP (Point of Ponderment) – yes I made that up – “ponderment” is a compounded word not yet recognized by Mr. Webster… and I’m not looking for recognition, just communication.

Q: Why do so many executives feel the need to have a profile picture (“LinkedIn” or other social/professional network) that represents them without a smile or the happiness that generally precedes one?

Here’s my answer:

Business and the money that it represents was traditionally an environment that demanded a military-like presentation – a “theatrical seriousness” which never really had anything to do with being serious. Further considerations beckon me…

Consideration 1. Business is a human construct. Humans are emotional and importantly so. Being happy does not equal any lack of seriousness. Somehow, someone, (I think the “Quakers”) got these two things confused.

Consideration 2. Today’s business belongs in today. Today we have evolved to a place that understands (through many “serious” experiences) that one way is not always the right way. Thankfully, we (humans) are starting to understand the need for total transparency – and specifically that we all realize we are human.

Consideration 3. Business is a person-to-person transaction – regardless of the business environment, purpose or product. This being so, a person representing grief or unhappiness dissuades personal involvement and one with a smile welcomes the potential for happiness and good performance – because…

Consideration 4. Human performance improves greatly within activities that allow happiness and its many beneficial side effects. Nobody who is honest with themselves wants to work or labor without happiness and/or with those that do.

In conclusion: Smile.

The deeper message is to find work that you actually love to do – and allows for greatness. I suggest looking for a career that includes great purpose – much happiness is received through these positions. If you are at one that you can’t stand, then don’t. If you are in one that matters but doesn’t fit your dreams – “whistle while you work” until you can find the one that makes you sing.

POM (Point of Motivation): Please remember that none of us live forever, most of us don’t live all that long, and far too many of us live fully while we are alive. Make it count!

The 2nd moral of the story:

The “Warning” in the beginning was just that – many times in life we start into something – a conversation, a job, a relationship, and get derailed because of our first impressions (my obscurely boring first paragraph) that get us to “discontinue attention” i.e. reading… have patience with things and people. Are you glad you kept reading?

Last Question: Do you think this post will affect my ability to raise start-up funding/investment? Or is it an effective filtration method to avoid the wrong kind of money”?


A moment of praise

As I was recently developing a new form, structure, or type of organization, I was going through the many processes of design – modeling of the organizational framework when I reached a point where I was imagining a potential motivational loop… blah, blah, blah – when this came to me:

As amazing as this wonderfully diverse world is; there is one thing, one ability that every single one of us share – regardless of race, sex, age, culture, financial affluence, or even geographical location – everyone can positively acknowledge another person.

This may be one of our collective human communities most undervalued and sadly, underspent currencies of influential joy.

I know you can do it… Let someone know they matter, that they did good, or even a hello to remind them that they are not alone.

Who knows, it might be you that is appreciated into remembering that we are all in this together.

Be well… and share it.

True Treasure

As we all share life’s many moments of change, some bad and some good – all of us leave a wake. Although not often noticed and rarer still is when this “wake” is examined, we tend to see these past (unchangeable) moments as regretful waypoints marked with those people we stirred and left bobbing in the waters of our past.

But allow me to redirect this voyage in the hopes of awakening a more melodious future – one with clear bells in which to navigate. As I now share the “stirring” of a different kind – one that’s captained by a man that quietly plots a course for all to follow their dreams not led by sight but the power of sound.

I wrote and now dedicate the following “captured wisdom” in honor of Julian Treasure – a man whose words greatly improved my life.

Information is the nutrient that provides a person with a resistance to ignorance, a person’s perpetual willingness to Listen, then learn, and finally change without bias… is the cure.

Thank you Julian.

Please see Julian’s “TED Talks” as well as his other talks by following the link below:

Link to “TED Julian Treasure’s Profile – where you can watch all of his Talks.”

Landed Wisdoms

These phrases are delivered to me without schedules or itineraries and with an uncontrollable inconsistency. As I believe we are all vehicles of informational experience, I feel an importance in sharing them with all of my fellow cerebral travelers.

I have named them “Landed Wisdoms” because as an incalculable number of thoughts are erratically swimming in, out, and within the fleshy confines and out to the boundless electrical landscapes of my mind, these few phrases began as the cerebral impulses that came to rest on the shore of my conscious mind during calm mental tides, for long enough that I could craft their messages into sharable cognitive structures.

I will continue to update this posted list as they arrive, as I remember them, and for as long as I am capable.

Captured: Wednesday 03/07/2012 9:50 PM
Doubt is a cancer of determination.

Captured: Friday 02/03/2012 3:10 PM

Beware of the teacher who teaches as though they are the only teacher.

Captured Friday 02/03/2012 4:53PM

Within the space of a finite lifespan, “value”, is best defined as a measurement of time, while “worth”, is defined by the individual’s opinion of experience.

Captured: Friday 02/24/2012 8:09PM

To have true empathy one must let go of opinions and attempts to understand through the acceptance of another’s struggle.

Captured: Wednesday 06/14/1996 (afternoon)

Wisdom is knowing when to be stupid.

Please Help with Blog

I need help with the organization of this blog. Please let me know if you know how to help make this blog more focused and digestible. What I am looking for in particular is how I can post in a way that isn’t just a long one page format. So that the first story’s aren’t lost down the page, but instead have the reader be able to pick and choose from a menu of different posts, maybe even a thumbnail type gallery that they can read a short summary of the post and then select the full version if interested.
I have about a dozen more posts ready to publish, but I have been waiting to figure out the arrangement.

Thanks for your time and consideration, If I was able I would pay for professional help, but that’s not the way life is right now.

PS – also feel free to suggest different color schemes or the overall looks of the page. My original thought on this was to be as simple as possible so that the messages were uninhibited by potential design distractions… but I am not a designer.

I didn’t know you, but thanks for the lessons.

I was ready for a busy day of networking and frantically looking for a way to continue my quest to make this project a reality. Financial assimilation is sometimes extremely difficult for even an insanely important cause, and that is one of the saddest truths of our current world. My calendar had many tasks on it but as I started in I found myself unsettled and seeking something that wasn’t apparent on my to-do list.

Last night I had gone to bed after an emotional day feeling exhausted at the level of my soul, it wasn’t a depressing feeling, more the sense that I had worked hard at something. I slept deeply without dreams and only stirred once from a side snap kick to the forehead delivered lovingly from our Boston Terrier “Winston”, who can’t seem to sleep anywhere other than between our heads.

I started to hear the gentle sounds of Lisa, my wife, getting ready for work; she has a long commute and needs to wake very early. Then my loving wife woke me as I like to make her breakfast before she heads out. I was very tired but I got up and still seemed to enjoy fixing it for her, (sorry if there were any shells in the eggs babe). At some point, as I went back to bed, she shared the news that Steve Jobs had died. I was immediately transported to a thought and unconsciously spouted “I guess money does buy you a long life”.

I meant nothing disrespectful, I had always seen Steve Jobs as a tremendous creator, I just never got to know him as is true for many of us. None the less his passing would quickly affect my life, in ways that will surely enrich my future.

One of the things that came up as I sought after something that was on my list, was this post, but before that happen I opened up ted.com and looked for an inspiring video. This is something I do often when I am trying to jumpstart a creative day. What I found was a video of Steve Jobs speaking at a Stanford University graduation, which I thought was poignant.

Another thing that came up was an email from my wife, the most touching correspondence I have ever received from her. She seemed to think that it had been born out of my half-conscious comment about Steve’s passing.

After watching the video, (I have enclosed link below) I felt the desire to write this thank you to Steve for lessons he shared. I also learned that he and I share a great deal of the same spiritual make up and it reminded me of wisdoms I have found along the way, but seem so easy to forget while we focus on the carrot dangled in front of our noses.

I can only hope that you find what I did, and somehow remember that these are the valuable wisdoms that we may strive to recognize and practice daily, not only when we are lucky enough to get the “god shot” of their timely delivery.