Warning: possibility of loss via discontinued attention.

As a brilliant Princeton Professor frames one of his courses involving dynamic highly complex network systems – (which I love, thanks Prof. Chaing!) he structures informational transference (teaching/learning) in the form of questions. That may not seem all that uncommon, but his questions are special because their ingredients promote thought and lead you toward significant learning.

Here’s my question or POP (Point of Ponderment) – yes I made that up – “ponderment” is a compounded word not yet recognized by Mr. Webster… and I’m not looking for recognition, just communication.

Q: Why do so many executives feel the need to have a profile picture (“LinkedIn” or other social/professional network) that represents them without a smile or the happiness that generally precedes one?

Here’s my answer:

Business and the money that it represents was traditionally an environment that demanded a military-like presentation – a “theatrical seriousness” which never really had anything to do with being serious. Further considerations beckon me…

Consideration 1. Business is a human construct. Humans are emotional and importantly so. Being happy does not equal any lack of seriousness. Somehow, someone, (I think the “Quakers”) got these two things confused.

Consideration 2. Today’s business belongs in today. Today we have evolved to a place that understands (through many “serious” experiences) that one way is not always the right way. Thankfully, we (humans) are starting to understand the need for total transparency – and specifically that we all realize we are human.

Consideration 3. Business is a person-to-person transaction – regardless of the business environment, purpose or product. This being so, a person representing grief or unhappiness dissuades personal involvement and one with a smile welcomes the potential for happiness and good performance – because…

Consideration 4. Human performance improves greatly within activities that allow happiness and its many beneficial side effects. Nobody who is honest with themselves wants to work or labor without happiness and/or with those that do.

In conclusion: Smile.

The deeper message is to find work that you actually love to do – and allows for greatness. I suggest looking for a career that includes great purpose – much happiness is received through these positions. If you are at one that you can’t stand, then don’t. If you are in one that matters but doesn’t fit your dreams – “whistle while you work” until you can find the one that makes you sing.

POM (Point of Motivation): Please remember that none of us live forever, most of us don’t live all that long, and far too many of us live fully while we are alive. Make it count!

The 2nd moral of the story:

The “Warning” in the beginning was just that – many times in life we start into something – a conversation, a job, a relationship, and get derailed because of our first impressions (my obscurely boring first paragraph) that get us to “discontinue attention” i.e. reading… have patience with things and people. Are you glad you kept reading?

Last Question: Do you think this post will affect my ability to raise start-up funding/investment? Or is it an effective filtration method to avoid the wrong kind of money”?


A moment of praise

As I was recently developing a new form, structure, or type of organization, I was going through the many processes of design – modeling of the organizational framework when I reached a point where I was imagining a potential motivational loop… blah, blah, blah – when this came to me:

As amazing as this wonderfully diverse world is; there is one thing, one ability that every single one of us share – regardless of race, sex, age, culture, financial affluence, or even geographical location – everyone can positively acknowledge another person.

This may be one of our collective human communities most undervalued and sadly, underspent currencies of influential joy.

I know you can do it… Let someone know they matter, that they did good, or even a hello to remind them that they are not alone.

Who knows, it might be you that is appreciated into remembering that we are all in this together.

Be well… and share it.

True Treasure

As we all share life’s many moments of change, some bad and some good – all of us leave a wake. Although not often noticed and rarer still is when this “wake” is examined, we tend to see these past (unchangeable) moments as regretful waypoints marked with those people we stirred and left bobbing in the waters of our past.

But allow me to redirect this voyage in the hopes of awakening a more melodious future – one with clear bells in which to navigate. As I now share the “stirring” of a different kind – one that’s captained by a man that quietly plots a course for all to follow their dreams not led by sight but the power of sound.

I wrote and now dedicate the following “captured wisdom” in honor of Julian Treasure – a man whose words greatly improved my life.

Information is the nutrient that provides a person with a resistance to ignorance, a person’s perpetual willingness to Listen, then learn, and finally change without bias… is the cure.

Thank you Julian.

Please see Julian’s “TED Talks” as well as his other talks by following the link below:

Link to “TED Julian Treasure’s Profile – where you can watch all of his Talks.”

Our way of life (a shortened version)

It seems timeless in my memory; so it is difficult to recall when the phrase “Our way of life” started making its way into the speeches of our presidents. What I do understand is how incredibly inappropriate and misplaced the phrase has become. There has been very few (if any) “we are going to war” speeches that I can recall without that phrase.

Have you ever gotten the stark reality that “our way of life” is exactly what is creating our new enemies, simply because it is so dramatically effecting their way of life?

Considering the wisdom born in the time of Plato, where war is the ultimate failure of resolution; how many times have you actually seen one of our leaders attempt thorough nonviolent resolution? If war is the answer to protecting “our way of life” I propose some questions to ponder:

What is it about “our way of life” that is worth dying or killing for?

Please try to remember freedom and “our way of life” is different and that the Afghanis don’t give a shit about whether we eat McDonalds French fries or not, and their recent (the last 40 years) desire to “kill all the infidels” was not from their original Koran, it was from our constant attempts to control their “way of life” just like the many before us whether it be Alexander the Great, or even the mighty Soviet Unions attempt. These people have very little, but still will not be conquered, its their land, its their way of life, want to help make it easier fine, but you don’t “help” anyone by an occupied force. Would you feel helped if a foreign nation invaded our country, and imposed changes to “our way of life”?

If “our way of life” impedes on that of another’s “way of life” is that not exactly what we are fighting to avoid?

You may not know me but I can assure you that I am a patriot, if you don’t think so based on my words or ideals; I suggest you do the following, read the United States Constitution, and other founding documents, then learn about our REAL history. By definition democracy cannot coincide with imperialism. A democratic empire is an oxymoron, or at least a fabrication.

Its easy to blame our past and present leaders for horrific things we do; the fire bombing of Tokyo (almost all of the more than 250,000 dead were civilians) being the only nation to use atomic bombs killing hundreds of thousands more civilians, Carpet bombing Cambodia (I didn’t put in the traditional “illegally bombing” because what the fuck is legal bombing), poisoning an entire agriculture with agent orange, (brought to us by “Monsanto”, oh, so was Napalm – at least the chemistry to make it stick to human skin better then other surfaces) Sadly, very sadly, I could go on for pages about the things we have done, but the point is that I blame myself (because I am a citizen of the U.S.). After all this is a democracy isn’t it? And if it is no longer a democracy are you a patriot for going along with that?

There is nothing wrong with globalized efforts to improve other peoples lives, but to force that is to install a slave-empire system that only benefits a very few. If you need an example, look right here at home. Again let me remind you of two things one I am a patriot of my home country (the United States of America) and two that I am not crazy. I think. I learn. I feel. I don’t want to lie anymore, too myself or too you.

Last questions to ponder; what are we doing over there? If you don’t know, why do you allow the sacrifice of our willing troops, even when they don’t know either? Why do we support our military to kill and destroy these incredibly simple people? You are a citizen of a democracy aren’t you? Why do we not do anything about the REAL price of “our way of life”?

One last one… how are Bush and Cheney still not in prison, or at least destitute for their actions while in office…other people, even civil servants like they were supposed to be have been prosecuted, why not the leaders.

Landed Wisdoms

These phrases are delivered to me without schedules or itineraries and with an uncontrollable inconsistency. As I believe we are all vehicles of informational experience, I feel an importance in sharing them with all of my fellow cerebral travelers.

I have named them “Landed Wisdoms” because as an incalculable number of thoughts are erratically swimming in, out, and within the fleshy confines and out to the boundless electrical landscapes of my mind, these few phrases began as the cerebral impulses that came to rest on the shore of my conscious mind during calm mental tides, for long enough that I could craft their messages into sharable cognitive structures.

I will continue to update this posted list as they arrive, as I remember them, and for as long as I am capable.

Captured: Wednesday 03/07/2012 9:50 PM
Doubt is a cancer of determination.

Captured: Friday 02/03/2012 3:10 PM

Beware of the teacher who teaches as though they are the only teacher.

Captured Friday 02/03/2012 4:53PM

Within the space of a finite lifespan, “value”, is best defined as a measurement of time, while “worth”, is defined by the individual’s opinion of experience.

Captured: Friday 02/24/2012 8:09PM

To have true empathy one must let go of opinions and attempts to understand through the acceptance of another’s struggle.

Captured: Wednesday 06/14/1996 (afternoon)

Wisdom is knowing when to be stupid.

Personal Management in Politics


This is a short post because I want you to think about this one, far beyond what I believe I can articulate, so I won’t try.

I am not a Republican or a Democrat, actually at present I am despondent about any party, or their choices to give us as choices… but that’s another story.

Here is the topic for you to pontificate:

“Newt Gingrich” is running for the Republican seat for President of the United States, a man that is morbidly obese. This personal issue alone raises a clear question of personal management, how can this not be a factor when choosing a leader of our nation. You can argue anything you want, but it will not change the reality that this man openly doesn’t manage his own life well or even in a healthy manner. Moving on to the last issue I will bring up on this post, the rest is up to you. Issue two: this guy is well known by both his party, and his opponents to be a man with a significant anger issue. A raging over eating older man in the oval office? Is this really a good idea?

Lastly is a person with a long history of politics in this day and age, with understanding of our recent and not so recent past, a good thing? Meaning, isn’t a strong resume one that shows proof of effective change? Shouldn’t we be looking for someone with new ideas, and the track record to prove the ability to both apply positive change as well as a consistent record of doing what they said they would?

Please think and then act.