About: The Finding Finite Project’s Blog

The ultimate goal of this blog is to communicate the Finding Finite Projects message. However, the process is just as important; so this blog will share project updates and its standard & evolving philosophies. We will do our best to separate opinions from facts, and in that spirit we will develop static pages such as the SOAPBOX Moments where we can “go off” a little in hopes to share entertaining expressions that are healthy to vent and sometimes amusing to acknowledge.

As big as the “process” is in writing a book, this blog will also become an insight for the book “Finding Finite”, with subject matters being summarized by posts but detailed in book.

We sincerely appreciate your time and attention in reading this and in the spirit of community, we ask for your collaboration. Good or Bad, it’s still all powerful information. If you believe in its words, support it with interaction, if you are skeptical or even offended by its ideas, support all of us and give your opinion.

For those of you that don’t clearly understand the importance of COMMUNITY, I say this:

Community can be defined in many ways, you cannot avoid it. Even while hiding, you are still within it.  The decisions to engage in community or disengage from it are the choices that determine your human value. The decision to do neither and go about business as usual will determine you and your family’s community sustainability.

I understand how easy it is to feel independent and self-sufficient… these days, but this only masks community’s’ interdependent nature.   In the hopes to make its importance transparent I will illustrate what you actually need to exist without community and maybe it will give you the desire to engage in it. You will need to live within a compound that has impenetrable walls (with a sovereign right, to avoid the laws of eminent domain. Then you will need a security force to protect airborne threats. Then you will need the space and knowledge to grow and tend to all of your food. A well for water (that has a source that isn’t connected to anyone else’s and perpetual supply) and the means to extract it by hand, solar, or wind (when there is any).  Then you will need medical knowledge and practice times two, in case the one that knows how, gets sick. You will need a waste management system, and so on… This should be enough to give the impression that you don’t live alone and just maybe get you to realize that the description of what you need, is what you have… with your community. Engaging in your community is investing in your own security. 

About: The Finding Finite Project

What we will do,  How we will do it, and Why we will do.

A significantly summarized explanation of the project still needs three segments to cover:
Segment One: To develop the governing dynamics (initiatives, operational structures & protocols) for a cohesive and cooperative community culture in line with a self-sustainable village. Instead of rebuilding our Urban/Suburban unsustainable infrastructures, the program would be tasked to promote the localized and more logistically plausible retrofitting of existing dwellings (neighborhoods). These “Neighborhood Villages” would then develop into a town, city, state, and national network of such villages. Recognizing the eminent failure to sustain its inhabitants within the current systems, this program will educate, direct, and help manage a practical and sustainable paradigm. Its purpose is to first establish a civil continuity, then awareness/informational structure, a resource (energy, food, and water) collective, and finally a feasible localized governance to secure each village and its inhabitants. The reason or need for the program is to avoid mass population displacement & disorder while easing the transitional challenges brought on by a system that was planned, built, and entirely reliant on cheap fossil fuels. While providing a societal structure that sustains, stabilizes, and further attempts to unify its population.
Segment Two: The multiple layered awareness efforts of the program, its purpose, and the reason it is needed. Be that publications, documents/editorials, documentary/films, and/or celebrity endorsement and alignments.
Segment Three: The completion and publishing (not sure about paper publishing) of the book and manual titled “Finding Finite”.

About the Author:

As a kid:

I grew up with an insatiable thirst for information, with a personality design that desperately wanted to understand and “know” everything that passed before it. School found me laboring in anguish challenged with a “learning difference” that kept my academic career stifled, while growing my frustrating quest for knowledge.  I am no “Good Will Hunting” but that is the way I had to learn, self-educating was my greatest practice and relief from “classroom withdrawals”. My Father, may he rest in peace, was patiently motivated enough to explore and discover that although my IQ scored in the high 180’s, short of changing the school systems traditional teaching methods, he would have to leave me to my own devices as I learned what input format worked best for me. A.D.D. and A.D.H.D., as well as the many other learning differences were barely understood then, and still have the stigma of “disorder” rather than simply being thought of as a different operating system… with no indication of intelligence capacity.

As I grew up:

Struggle I did, in one form or another, but regretting nothing. If you truly understand gratitude, regret doesn’t fit in your life. Always thirsty, I traveled to dozens countries, using my optical/auditory gathering gifts, I observed the worlds many teaching moments, characters, and cultures. Having the knowledge quest while constructing my own style of learning around the world and at home allowed me to develop a broad observation, intuition, and personal insight skillset.

Always present were my mother’s love, support and advisement. She gifted me with the guidance discovered throughout her lifelong study, practice, and understanding of life’s many wisdoms, both old and new.  As I grew to understand her, she became my driving source of inspiration and the model that reflected what I wanted to become. As crazy as my life would get, she was and is both the compass and the definition of how I find “home”.  


Living in a commercialized world that typically rewards on “Traditional Credential-ized Intelligence” I dove in and out of entrepreneurial efforts of interest, some inspired, and some just to get by.

Then by chance, accident, or transcendental delivery, I found myself jobless and starving not for food, but for purpose. Then “it” arrived like an anchor landing on my head, and I couldn’t get away from it. At first I felt as though I would drown, but like my many challenges before, I learned to swim, and I made it to the shore of a brand new day and a startling discovery.

After a twenty year journey of exploring and creating, dreaming and dredging in “jobs” and some inspired “careers” I have found my life’s true purpose. A passionate purpose that lends me no doubt or pause but delivers the knowledge that even if I fall short of my efforts ultimate success, my colossal ambition will be quenched by the pride in each and every finite moment of my life.

The way this project was founded amazes me every time I give it thought. Although the difficulties of its startup nature are plenty, each day I make new alliances and sources of help which only seems right due to its universally helpful model. 


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