Please Help with Blog

I need help with the organization of this blog. Please let me know if you know how to help make this blog more focused and digestible. What I am looking for in particular is how I can post in a way that isn’t just a long one page format. So that the first story’s aren’t lost down the page, but instead have the reader be able to pick and choose from a menu of different posts, maybe even a thumbnail type gallery that they can read a short summary of the post and then select the full version if interested.
I have about a dozen more posts ready to publish, but I have been waiting to figure out the arrangement.

Thanks for your time and consideration, If I was able I would pay for professional help, but that’s not the way life is right now.

PS – also feel free to suggest different color schemes or the overall looks of the page. My original thought on this was to be as simple as possible so that the messages were uninhibited by potential design distractions… but I am not a designer.


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